The platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) technology allows the use of patients’ own stem cells to grow bone and gum tissue. The technology has been around for about twenty years but it is still unknown to the vast majority of dentists. The technology is subject to continuous refinement that made it very efficient, fast-acting and safe.

Dr. Mihaylova uses both the classic PRF and the Advanced PRF methods to achieve excellent 100 % healing results with no pain or inflammation. The combination of doctor’s know-how, equipment and technology produces a very high rate of success using PRF and Advanced PRF. We are yet to see a patient who experiences pain or inflammation after PRF treatment. From patient’s point of view, the procedure is rather simple and virtually painless. A certified phlebotomist draws a small amount of patient’s own blood at Dr. Mihaylova’s office on the day of the surgery. The blood is then processed immediately to produce the PRF membrane with its healing components which is placed in the wound to grow the respective tissue (gum, bone). The membrane contains white blood cells, proteins that reduce the risk of infection, inflammation, and bleeding and multiple growth factors. It also helps speed up the healing process and the integration of the implant in the patient’s body.

Since the PRF membrane is the product of patient’s own body, there is no danger of rejection and there is no need to take anti-rejection drugs. Moreover, the specific components of the PRF membrane stimulate the angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels that also accelerates and enhances the healing process.

The PRF membrane starts working immediately after placing it in the wound. The process is clearly visible only a week later. Two, three or four weeks down the road, the healing result is nothing short of astonishing.

Dr. Mihaylova is among the only few dentists in Northern California who apply this advanced treatment and technology to save patient’s natural teeth, gums and bone.

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