PRF Stem Cell Treatment

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Dr. Mihaylova of Teodora Mihaylova, D.D.S. now offers PRF stem cell treatment at her office in Union Square, San Francisco, California. In the past, to regrow gums or bone mass to support a tooth as an adult was impossible. PRF stem cell treatment has changed that. This cutting edge, low pain treatment uses resources from your own body to help you regrow gums and bone mass, and restore your tooth, so you don’t have to rely on metal bridges or implants. To experience the difference of PRF stem cell treatment yourself, call or book an appointment online with Dr. Mihaylova today.

PRF Stem Cell Treatment

What is PRF stem cell treatment?

PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, stem cell treatment, is a treatment that allows your body to regrow gums and bone mass naturally so that it can eventually restore its own tooth. Usually, adult bodies can’t do this.

Instead, dental patients usually have to resort to metal bridges or dental implants. PRF stem cell treatment creates a healthy environment in which a tooth can restore itself.

Is PRF stem cell treatment still useful if my tooth cannot be saved?

If your tooth is too unhealthy to restore itself, PRF stem cell treatment can still benefit you, especially if you plan on getting a dental implant.

Because PRF stem cell treatment creates healthy, youthful bone mass and gums, it is the perfect pretreatment for dental implantation; it creates a strong foundation upon which Dr. Mihaylova can implant a new tooth.

How does the treatment work?

To begin your treatment, Dr. Mihaylova extracts some of your own blood. Then, she places it in her PRF equipment, which separates plasma from the red blood cells. Inside the plasma are fibrin and white blood cells. These two substances are powerhouses of healing and regeneration.

To utilize them, Dr. Mihaylova applies a high concentration of the PRF mixture directly to your surgical wound. There, the PRF mixture jumpstarts stem cell growth, and your wound begins to heal at an astonishing pace.

Within a few weeks, you will find that the gums and bone mass in the treated area have grown to the point of health. With this new growth, your existing tooth or new implant is in a position to thrive.

Is PRF stem cell treatment safe?

Absolutely! Because PRF stem cell treatment uses your body’s natural resources, it is an incredibly safe and low-risk procedure.

Your comfort is extremely important to Dr. Mihaylova. If you have any anxieties about treatment, please express your concerns to her. She will take the time to explain things in great detail so that you feel less anxious.

If you are interested in experiencing the power of your own body’s natural healing resources after your dental surgery, PRF stem cell treatment may be right for you. Learn more about this treatment by booking a consultation with Dr. Mihaylova in downtown San Francisco.

Schedule your appointment today by calling her office or using the online booking tool on her website.